2022, May. Main TG Bot.

a) Quest section. It includes task page, Twitter link checking, TG resources checking.

b) Translation and adoption of main functional.

2022, June – July. Publishing TG Bot.

TG Bot for articles publishing in TG channel. It will include:

a) Message preview.

b) Additional smiles and emoji’s.

c) Time management and scheduled publications.

d) The ability to edit old articles.

e) List of all published articles.

2022, August – September. Group TG Bot.

TG Bot for group management and rating system.

a) Antispam function.

b) Rating system.

c) Quick ban and moderation rights for users.

d) User statistic.

Q3, 2022. News Dashboard.

We intend to create a dashboard with all news of the Harmony ecosystem. This dashboard will be customizable and sortable. It will contain:

a) General ecosystem news.

b) All active projects news.

c) DAO news and event announcements.

News will be collected from Twitter automatically and be added by project managers manually.

Q4, 2022. Discord Bot.

Discord Bot will help to manage discord server and will have rating system for users.

Q1, 2023 Blockchain integration.

This part will allow other projects use DAO user DATA for their own purposes. For example, you are a new project founder and are looking for new team members. If you have friends, who loves crypto as you do – you are lucky. But if you don’t have, you can use this DATA and see who loves communicate with users, or who has a great experience in team building.

  • Smart contracts for rating system, user profile definition.
  • Api for other projects.